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[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Wild Acres Villa, Central Florida Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:00:22 GMT
Marysia & Xavier Wedding At The Ballroom at Church Street Marysia & Xavier Wedding Highlights

The Ballroom at Church Street

There is always a beautiful story behind every relationship.  For Marysia and Xavier, it is a magical one straight out of Disney.  They met at Disney's EPCOT in 2008.  Xavier knew he wanted to be happily ever after with his princess and did everything possible to just see her each day when he was at work by switching shifts and stations.  And lucky for him, Marysia noticed.  When they decided that they wanted a fairytale wedding at The Ballroom at Church Street to go with their Beauty and The Beast theme,  Xavier worked hard taking up three jobs to make sure his princess got her dream wedding.  When I heard this,  I was so touched, all I wanted was to make sure I capture this special day to preserve it forever for them.  I am so happy for Marysia and Xavier!!  Congratulations to the both of you!!  Of course once again I had an incredible that made my job easier.


Photographer:  Anna So Photography

Second Photographer:  Anthony Sassano

Coordinator:  Lynn Echevarria Stuckas, Your Events by L&L LLC

Makeup Artist:  Marissa Stuckas

Cinematography:  Magnafoto, Benamin Pena

DJ:  Cliff Bell, CRB Entertainment

Florist:  Mrs Kelly Dixon, Union Blooms Floral Weddings

Cake:  Amber, Party Flavor Custom Cakes

Caterer:  Amy Biggs, Puff n Stuff of Ballroom at Church Street

Officient:  Mann McMillian

Linen:  Eli Zaragoza, Linen Creation by JEG

Photobooth:  Trung Nguyen, SNAP! Studio Booth

Transportation:  Josh, Apollo's Chariots

Location:  Ballroom at Church Street


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[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Central Florida Wedding Orlando Wedding Wedding at The Ballroom at Church Street Wed, 01 Mar 2017 16:21:40 GMT
The Fields Family The Fields Family January 29, 2017

I have known David and Melanie for many years.  This is our second maternity session together.  The first one was with Carson and now Carson is going to be a big brother to Beckham in just less than two weeks.  I don't have children of my own but having the opportunity to capture David and Melanie's journey in life together has given me great joy.  It's amazing seeing Carson growing up so fast.  It was just like yesterday that I photographed Melanie's pregnancy with him.  Well, in just about two more weeks I'll be able to help welcome Beckham to the world.

This has been a crazy winter season in Florida.  One day it is hot the next cold.   The forecast said it was suppose to rain all weekend.  Originally I wanted to do the session at a different location but decided to go to my favorite place, Rollins College.  I figured if it rains, there will be some roofed areas for us to do our photo shoot.  It turned out to be a nice sunny and crisp Florida winter day.  I can never get tired of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.  The azaleas are blooming!!


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[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Maternity photos with sibling and daddy in Florida Mon, 30 Jan 2017 15:22:08 GMT
Leah's Boudoir For Him Leah's Boudoir For Him

I was thrilled when Leah wanted to do a fun boudoir session for her husband to be.  And I was even more thrilled when she said I can blog about it.  This was a super easy session done at Leah's resident in Orlando, Florida.  We Kept it simple.

"Beauty and femininity are ageless and can't be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won't like this, cannot be manufactured.  Not real glamour; it's based on femininity." ~ Marilyn Monoe


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[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Bridal Boudoir, Orlando, Florida Fri, 27 Jan 2017 20:54:48 GMT
Kori & Brian Wedding Highlights Kori & Brian Wedding Highlights


January 14, 2017

I first met Kori and Brian in May 2016 at Rollins College for their engagement session.  I knew they were perfect for each other back then.  I have been looking forward to their wedding all these months.  We started off with the bridal preparation at Courtyard by Marriott in Cocoa Beach, Fl.  The ceremony was at Ascension Catholic Church in Melbourne.  It was a very beautiful church where Brian attended when he was a young boy. Both Kori and Brian are devoted Catholic. 

My favorited place of the day was Birdsong Barn.  I'm starting to realize that there are many barns in Central Florida and each one is as adorable as the other.  This adorable barn is located at the end of a small road in Titusville, Florida.  GPS will drop you off before you actually get there, luckily I saw a sign on the side of the road.  The first thing I noticed when I got out the car to unload my equipment was the sound of birds singing.  This place is chic from the grounds to the table cloth.  I decided to take bohemian rustic with the editing.  But of course I always keep the original classic and timeless style as an option for all my clients.

Thank you Kori and Brian for giving me the opportunity to be part of your big day!!

Other Credits

Decorations:  Betsy Armstrong

Flowers:  Mary Carley

Caterer:  A Chef's Touch

DJ:  DJ Tunes

Hair and Makeup:  Glamour Room by Jaime

Bartending:  Absolute Bartending


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[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Bohemian, rustic wedding. Central Florida Sun, 15 Jan 2017 23:35:05 GMT
Taplan & Megan Elopement Taplan & Megan Elopement 

Orange County Courthouse., Orlando, Florida

Taplan and Megan got hitched today at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida. I am so honored to have encountered these two beautiful people through  my friend Missy.  I had many ups and downs in my life including relationships but I never gave up.  I kept with my beliefs.  I believe in soul mates and true love, fate and destiny.  A course of life can change with just one chance encounter.  I believe in friendship old and new.  Missy is my new friend and from my encounter with her, I met Taplan and Megan, an amazing and loving couple.  I believe a photograph is powerful and the memories capture is priceless.  We had such a great afternoon photographing around downtown Orlando.  We encountered the firefighters at the Downtown Orlando Fire Station.  They were so friendly and kind even offered us the use of their firetruck.  Wow!!  I was expecting to get kicked off the area but instead, they open their doors to us.  I still believe in people.


Please enjoy a few fun photos from out day.

Congratulations Taplan & Megan


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[email protected] (Anna So Photography) LGBT Elopement, Orange County, Courthouse Orlando, Florida Sat, 07 Jan 2017 02:21:33 GMT
Tara & Kathy Tara & Kathy Disney's Boardwalk Engagement

I believe in soul mates and true love.  Tara and Kathy have been together for so many years.  They both moved to Orlando, Florida together from up north many moons ago.  I am so happy that they will have the chance to tie the knot.  I am looking forward to their big day!!

Here are a few photos from their engagement.

TK_0006TK_0006 TK_0025TK_0025 TK_0028TK_0028 TK_0090TK_0090 TK_0099TK_0099 TK_0116TK_0116 TK_0121TK_0121 TK_0128TK_0128 TK_0194TK_0194 TK_0197TK_0197 TK_0205TK_0205 TK_0263TK_0263 TK_0356TK_0356 TK_0395TK_0395 TK_0416TK_0416 TK_0440TK_0440 TK_0446TK_0446


[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Engagement photos at Disney Boardwalk Thu, 05 Jan 2017 00:53:42 GMT
Yana, Sean & Family Yana, Sean & Family

I had the pleasure photographing Yana's maternity and now it was my honor to photograph her new baby and family.  This was an amazing December day in Winter Park Florida.  We went for a nice stroll at Rollins College.  It was perfect timing since the students are on winter break from school and away visiting families back home.

Here are a few photos from our day.


YL_0005-2YL_0005-2 YL_0005YL_0005 YL_0026YL_0026 YL_0030YL_0030 YL_0089YL_0089 YL_0150YL_0150 YL_0161YL_0161 YL_0184YL_0184 YL_0249YL_0249 YL_0255YL_0255 YL_0267YL_0267 YL_0276YL_0276 YL_0286YL_0286 YL_0296YL_0296 YL_0304YL_0304 YL_0328YL_0328 YL_0329YL_0329 YL_0333-2YL_0333-2 YL_0333YL_0333 YL_0342YL_0342 YL_0385YL_0385 YL_0390YL_0390 YL_0398YL_0398 YL_0409YL_0409 YL_0430YL_0430 YL_0447YL_0447 YL_0451YL_0451 YL_0457YL_0457 YL_0461YL_0461 YL_0472YL_0472

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Family photos at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida Tue, 03 Jan 2017 22:43:37 GMT
Allie & Brandon Wedding at Dubsdread Ballroom Allie and Brandon wedding at Historic Dubsdread Ballroom in Orlando, Florida on December 2, 2016.

I have been looking forward to Allie and Brandon's special day all year long.  I enjoyed photographing them at the engagements session so much, I couldn't wait until the BIG DAY.  We started the day off at Loews Sapphire Falls at Universal Studios.  This was the perfect place for our pre ceremony session.  Our next stop was Dubsdread historic Ballroom in Orlando, Florida.  Allie and Brandon had decided to do an intimate first look before the ceremony which was perfect for a December afternoon.  We had great lighting and the most beautiful sunset.  I love all the weddings I photographed but this one in at the top.  

Here are a few photos from Allie and Brandon's special day.


AB_0007AB_0007 AB_0008AB_0008 AB_0013AB_0013 AB_0023AB_0023 AB_0040AB_0040 AB_0063AB_0063 AB_0070AB_0070 AB_0072AB_0072 AB_0087AB_0087 AB_0090AB_0090 AB_0105AB_0105 AB_0116AB_0116 AB_0133AB_0133 AB_0134AB_0134 AB_0167AB_0167 AB_0176AB_0176 AB_0181AB_0181 AB_0238AB_0238 AB_0239AB_0239 AB_0247AB_0247 AB_0255AB_0255 AB_0256AB_0256 AB_0260AB_0260 AB_0268AB_0268 AB_0285AB_0285 AB_0318AB_0318 AB_0323AB_0323 AB_0325AB_0325 AB_0326AB_0326 AB_0365AB_0365 AB_0381AB_0381 AB_0382AB_0382 AB_0385AB_0385 AB_0408AB_0408 AB_0413AB_0413 AB_0416AB_0416 AB_0418AB_0418 AB_0419AB_0419 AB_0424AB_0424 AB_0447AB_0447 AB_0451AB_0451 AB_0454AB_0454 AB_0466AB_0466 AB_0479AB_0479 AB_0480AB_0480 AB_0484AB_0484 AB_0487AB_0487 AB_0508AB_0508 AB_0511AB_0511 AB_0539AB_0539 AB_0547AB_0547 AB_0548AB_0548 AB_0550AB_0550 AB_0553AB_0553 AB_0558AB_0558 AB_0560AB_0560 AB_0563AB_0563 AB_0572AB_0572 AB_0582AB_0582 AB_0588AB_0588 AB_0592AB_0592 AB_0596AB_0596 AB_0611AB_0611 AB_0617AB_0617 AB_0630AB_0630 AB_0642AB_0642 AB_0654AB_0654 AB_0674AB_0674 AB_0680AB_0680 AB_0689AB_0689 AB_0695AB_0695 AB_0702AB_0702 AB_0703AB_0703 AB_0707AB_0707 AB_0720AB_0720 AB_0730AB_0730 AB_0749AB_0749 AB_0752AB_0752 AB_0853AB_0853 AB_0857AB_0857 AB_0873AB_0873 AB_0883AB_0883 AB_0905AB_0905 AB_0907AB_0907 AB_0958AB_0958 AB_0979AB_0979 AB_0985AB_0985 AB_1044AB_1044 AB_1134AB_1134 AB_1151AB_1151 AB_1163AB_1163 AB_1169AB_1169 AB_1183AB_1183 AB_1185AB_1185 AB_1281AB_1281 AB_1359AB_1359 AB_1373AB_1373 AB_1377AB_1377 AB_1383AB_1383 AB_1391AB_1391 AB_1433AB_1433 AB_1442AB_1442 AB_1472AB_1472 AB_1474AB_1474 AB_1478AB_1478 AB_1542AB_1542 AB_1564AB_1564 AB_1594AB_1594 AB_1608AB_1608 AB_1616AB_1616 AB_1788AB_1788 AB_1841AB_1841 AB_1960AB_1960 AB_1969AB_1969 AB_1979AB_1979 AB_1983AB_1983 AB_2005AB_2005 AB_2019AB_2019 AB_2023AB_2023 AB_2030AB_2030 AB_2039AB_2039 AB_2041AB_2041 AB_2045AB_2045 AB_2088AB_2088 AB_2192AB_2192 AB_2205AB_2205 AB_2213AB_2213 AB_2230AB_2230 AB_2232AB_2232 AB_2245AB_2245 AB_2405AB_2405 AB_2475AB_2475 AB_2492AB_2492 AB_2504AB_2504 AB_2507AB_2507 AB_2541AB_2541 AB_2698AB_2698 AB_2777AB_2777 AB_2818AB_2818

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Florida Wedding Orlando Wedding Wedding at Dubsdread Ballroom. Orlando Florida Thu, 08 Dec 2016 05:11:48 GMT
Jacquie & George Intimate Elopement Jacquie and George Intimate Elopement  at their home in Orlando, Florida on November 19, 2016.

The sweetest of days are shared with your inner circle, your family and close friends. All you need is great company and great food. 

I was very lucky to have this special day available.  I love spending just a few hours capturing these special moments. It was a typical beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Orlando, Florida.  Finding  Jacquie and George's house as I pulled into their quiet neighborhood was super easy.  All I had to do was follow the guests walking in and the smell of delicious food being prepared by Puff n Stuff.  I can feel the excitement in the air as I walked in the house.  The guests were already mingling with  George, very handsome in his tux from Absolute Fitting in Winter Park, Fl.  I found Jacquie in the bedroom getting her final touch up with hair and makeup by J. Christine Salon in Doctor Phillips.  And Ladies, you don't have to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars for a wedding dress.  Jacquie looked amazing in her white dress by BCBG. 

The ceremony was absolutely precious.  It was set on the pool deck in the backyard all decorated with gorgeous flowers by Windermere Flowers and Gifts. The wedding procession started with Jacquie's daughters being escorted by George's sons.  Jacquie was escorted by her best friend to the beautiful song Ave Maria performed by violinist, Victor Bowers. .  The ceremony was officiated by Jacquie's brother-in-law.  They had a short and sweet ceremony followed by photo session and an amazing lunch reception catered by Puff n Stuff.

Here are a few photos from out morning.


JG_0005JG_0005 JG_0008JG_0008 JG_0016JG_0016 JG_0018JG_0018 JG_0029JG_0029 JG_0042JG_0042 JG_0069JG_0069 JG_0075JG_0075 JG_0083JG_0083 JG_0093JG_0093 JG_0097JG_0097 JG_0102JG_0102 JG_0116JG_0116 JG_0124JG_0124 JG_0156JG_0156 JG_0168JG_0168 JG_0178JG_0178 JG_0185JG_0185 JG_0234JG_0234 JG_0245JG_0245 JG_0309JG_0309 JG_0316JG_0316 JG_0317JG_0317 JG_0330JG_0330 JG_0331JG_0331 JG_0334JG_0334 JG_0335JG_0335 JG_0342JG_0342 JG_0344JG_0344 JG_0350JG_0350 JG_0355JG_0355 JG_0362JG_0362 JG_0379JG_0379 JG_0390JG_0390 JG_0394JG_0394 JG_0398JG_0398 JG_0406JG_0406 JG_0413JG_0413 JG_0428JG_0428 JG_0436JG_0436 JG_0458JG_0458 JG_0484JG_0484 JG_0496JG_0496 JG_0506JG_0506 JG_0507JG_0507 JG_0512JG_0512 JG_0541JG_0541 JG_0548JG_0548 JG_0552JG_0552 JG_0553JG_0553 JG_0556JG_0556


[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Intimate elopement in Orlando, Florida Tue, 29 Nov 2016 19:35:57 GMT
Rebecca & Robert Wedding Highlights Rebecca & Robert's Wedding at Rosen Plaza Orlando, Florida

I was referred by Rebecca's mother for this beautiful wedding.  I have shot many weddings at the Rosen Plaza before but this is the only time we decided to go across the street to do first look and newlywed photos at The Orange County Convention Center.  I normally go to Rosen Shingle Creek to do newlywed photos but thought we would save the drive.  I am so happy that Rebecca and Robert decided to do the first look and follow by bridal party photos.  The wedding was at sunset which means we will have no light afterwards.  They made the perfect decision.  We ended up getting some amazing photos.  It was my pleasure being a part of Rebecca and Robert's special day.  I am fortunate have witnessed their love and union.


Here are some photos of their day.  Remember these photos are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are more photos coming soon in your full gallery.

RR_0003RR_0003 RR_0007RR_0007 RR_0013RR_0013 RR_0018RR_0018 RR_0023RR_0023 RR_0033RR_0033 RR_0038RR_0038 RR_0040RR_0040 RR_0043RR_0043 RR_0054RR_0054 RR_0078RR_0078 RR_0086RR_0086 RR_0096RR_0096 RR_0097RR_0097 RR_0110RR_0110 RR_0113RR_0113 RR_0116RR_0116 RR_0117RR_0117 RR_0122RR_0122 RR_0125RR_0125 RR_0126RR_0126 RR_0135RR_0135 RR_0143RR_0143 RR_0176RR_0176 RR_0189RR_0189 RR_0210RR_0210 RR_0217RR_0217 RR_0218RR_0218 RR_0229RR_0229 RR_0239RR_0239 RR_0247RR_0247 RR_0254RR_0254 RR_0257RR_0257 RR_0281RR_0281 RR_0286RR_0286 RR_0332RR_0332 RR_0333RR_0333 RR_0337RR_0337 RR_0339RR_0339 RR_0350RR_0350 RR_0356RR_0356 RR_0392RR_0392 RR_0395RR_0395 RR_0400RR_0400 RR_0418RR_0418 RR_0433RR_0433 RR_0444RR_0444 RR_0455RR_0455 RR_0474RR_0474 RR_0492RR_0492 RR_0537RR_0537 RR_0547RR_0547 RR_0585RR_0585 RR_0592RR_0592 RR_0596RR_0596 RR_0608RR_0608 RR_0620RR_0620 RR_0642RR_0642 RR_0655RR_0655 RR_0674RR_0674 RR_0679RR_0679 RR_0688RR_0688 RR_0707RR_0707 RR_0711RR_0711 RR_0735RR_0735 RR_0743RR_0743 RR_0748RR_0748 RR_0762RR_0762 RR_0770RR_0770 RR_0790RR_0790 RR_0867RR_0867 RR_0896RR_0896 RR_0984RR_0984 RR_1000RR_1000 RR_1020RR_1020 RR_1047RR_1047 RR_1067RR_1067 RR_1079RR_1079 RR_1112RR_1112 RR_1116RR_1116 RR_1119RR_1119 RR_1123RR_1123 RR_1127RR_1127 RR_1132RR_1132 RR_1138RR_1138 RR_1142RR_1142 RR_1150RR_1150 RR_1155RR_1155 RR_1169RR_1169 RR_1171RR_1171 RR_1172RR_1172 RR_1183RR_1183 RR_1190RR_1190 RR_1205RR_1205 RR_1231RR_1231 RR_1245RR_1245 RR_1256RR_1256 RR_1271RR_1271 RR_1291RR_1291 RR_1295RR_1295 RR_1298RR_1298 RR_1329RR_1329 RR_1345RR_1345 RR_1358RR_1358 RR_1374RR_1374 RR_1445RR_1445 RR_1452RR_1452 RR_1459RR_1459 RR_1466RR_1466 RR_1501RR_1501 RR_1504RR_1504 RR_1512RR_1512 RR_1535RR_1535 RR_1559RR_1559 RR_1564RR_1564 RR_1579RR_1579 RR_1603RR_1603 RR_1616RR_1616 RR_1654RR_1654 RR_1666RR_1666 RR_1673RR_1673 RR_1692RR_1692 RR_1698RR_1698 RR_1710RR_1710 RR_1712RR_1712 RR_1718RR_1718 RR_1734RR_1734 RR_1745RR_1745 RR_1748RR_1748 RR_1752RR_1752 RR_1755RR_1755 RR_1756RR_1756 RR_1762RR_1762 RR_1773RR_1773 RR_1808RR_1808 RR_1939RR_1939 RR_1947RR_1947


[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Wedding at Rosen Plaza, Orlando, Florida Thu, 24 Nov 2016 00:29:33 GMT
Missy and Mia at Greenwood Urban Wetland Miss and Mia 

November 18, 2016 at Greenwood Urban Wetland, Orlando, Florida

It was serendipity when I found Greenwood Urban Wetland for my couples portrait session this morning.  I was on my way to scout out a location the day before at Baldwin Park when the pond caught my eye.  I decided to do both my photo sessions I have scheduled for today here.  It just happens to be in Missy and Mia's neighborhood.  This is where they enjoy their daily walks. By the way, Missy is the tall blonde and Mia is the short one.  I love your place Mia!!


MM_0003MM_0003 MM_0012MM_0012 MM_0035MM_0035 MM_0057MM_0057 MM_0091MM_0091 MM_0116MM_0116 MM_0135MM_0135 MM_0145MM_0145 MM_0152MM_0152 MM_0157MM_0157 MM_0177MM_0177 MM_0200MM_0200 MM_0202MM_0202 MM_0205MM_0205 MM_0221MM_0221 MM_0222MM_0222 MM_0247MM_0247 MM_0250MM_0250 MM_0261MM_0261 MM_0276MM_0276 MM_0278MM_0278 MM_0279MM_0279 MM_0293MM_0293


[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Woman Portrait with dog, Orlando, Florida Sat, 19 Nov 2016 02:07:43 GMT
Ashley, Jessie and Ollie Family
Ashley, Jessie and Ollie

November 18, 2016 at Greenwood Urban Wetland, Orlando, Florida

It is always great to have new photos before the Holidays.  When Ashley and Jessie told me they wanted to have their family photos done,  I needed to fine a quiet place that is dog friendly.  I had the dog park in Baldwin Park in mind and decided to scout out the area the day before but never made it there.  As I was driving there, a sparkle from a pond caught my eye. I have drove by this pond for the last 15 years and never thought to stop.  So I said to myself, heck, I'm already here I might as well check it out.  Wow!!  To my surprise, it is a wetland right next to downtown.  This must be the place where the stream from Azalea Dickson Park must flow into.  We got some country chic photos in the middle of the city.


Got to love Orlando, The City Beautiful.

AJO_0005AJO_0005 AJO_0011AJO_0011 AJO_0017AJO_0017 AJO_0024AJO_0024 AJO_0040AJO_0040 AJO_0050AJO_0050 AJO_0051AJO_0051 AJO_0052AJO_0052 AJO_0056AJO_0056 AJO_0059AJO_0059 AJO_0063-2AJO_0063-2 AJO_0063AJO_0063 AJO_0068AJO_0068 AJO_0086AJO_0086 AJO_0092AJO_0092 AJO_0097AJO_0097 AJO_0099AJO_0099 AJO_0104-2AJO_0104-2 AJO_0104AJO_0104 AJO_0108AJO_0108 AJO_0127AJO_0127 AJO_0152AJO_0152 AJO_0159AJO_0159 AJO_0172-2AJO_0172-2 AJO_0172AJO_0172 AJO_0188AJO_0188 AJO_0190AJO_0190 AJO_0191AJO_0191 AJO_0197AJO_0197 AJO_0204AJO_0204 AJO_0213AJO_0213 AJO_0226AJO_0226 AJO_0247AJO_0247 AJO_0259AJO_0259 AJO_0260AJO_0260 AJO_0277AJO_0277 AJO_0278AJO_0278 AJO_0291AJO_0291 AJO_0296AJO_0296 AJO_0298AJO_0298 AJO_0317AJO_0317 AJO_0321AJO_0321 AJO_0323AJO_0323 AJO_0324AJO_0324 AJO_0332AJO_0332 AJO_0333AJO_0333

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) couples portraits with dog, Orlando, Florida Fri, 18 Nov 2016 18:48:04 GMT
Victoria and Chris Timacuan Golf and Country Club Wedding November 7, 2016 Timacuan Golf and County Club Wedding

Lake Mary, Florida

I have been looking forward to photographing Tori and Chris's big day since I first met them.  I made sure I arrive extra early to Timacuan Golf and Country Club in Lake Mary, Florida since this was my first wedding there.  Just a quick drive from Orlando, this place has the southern charms you are looking for with well established trees and hanging Spanish mosses, my favorite.  The property has several beautiful bridges that are perfect for sunset newlywed photos.  

Upon arrival, after meeting with the bridal party, I met with David DeAssis, the Director of Operation for Timacuan Golf and Country Club.  It was nice that he was available to show me around and gave me ideas on where to go for our first look and bridal party photos.  He also informed me that they had provided us with golf carts to drive on the golf course for the newlywed photos after the ceremony.  David was very professional and on point with all the activities which made my day super easy.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to be a part of Victoria and Chris's special day.  I have a front row view to all their special moments.

Please enjoy these photos of their day and feel free to leave me a message at the end.

VC_0023VC_0023 VC_0034VC_0034 VC_0058VC_0058 VC_0073VC_0073 VC_0079VC_0079 VC_0081VC_0081 VC_0097VC_0097 VC_0100VC_0100 VC_0101VC_0101 VC_0106VC_0106 VC_0116VC_0116 VC_0127VC_0127 VC_0140VC_0140 VC_0141VC_0141 VC_0144VC_0144 VC_0150VC_0150 VC_0155VC_0155 VC_0160VC_0160 VC_0162VC_0162 VC_0169VC_0169 VC_0181VC_0181 VC_0189VC_0189 VC_0191VC_0191 VC_0193VC_0193 VC_0198VC_0198 VC_0223VC_0223 VC_0229VC_0229 VC_0237VC_0237 VC_0248VC_0248 VC_0249VC_0249 VC_0253VC_0253 VC_0259VC_0259 VC_0271VC_0271 VC_0289VC_0289 VC_0299VC_0299 VC_0302VC_0302 VC_0304VC_0304 VC_0306VC_0306 VC_0313VC_0313 VC_0317VC_0317 VC_0320VC_0320 VC_0322VC_0322 VC_0334VC_0334 VC_0348VC_0348 VC_0367VC_0367 VC_0377VC_0377 VC_0421VC_0421 VC_0422VC_0422 VC_0431VC_0431 VC_0445VC_0445 VC_0448VC_0448 VC_0454VC_0454 VC_0457VC_0457 VC_0459VC_0459 VC_0477VC_0477 VC_0494VC_0494 VC_0499VC_0499 VC_0502VC_0502 VC_0521VC_0521 VC_0529VC_0529 VC_0530VC_0530 VC_0541VC_0541 VC_0549VC_0549 VC_0559VC_0559 VC_0562VC_0562 VC_0566VC_0566 VC_0576VC_0576 VC_0584VC_0584 VC_0598VC_0598 VC_0604VC_0604 VC_0625VC_0625 VC_0655VC_0655 VC_0656VC_0656 VC_0698VC_0698 VC_0706VC_0706 VC_0707VC_0707 VC_0716VC_0716 VC_0729VC_0729 VC_0738VC_0738 VC_0760VC_0760 VC_0778VC_0778 VC_0787VC_0787 VC_0802VC_0802 VC_0806VC_0806 VC_0814VC_0814 VC_0820VC_0820 VC_0821VC_0821 VC_0887VC_0887 VC_0894VC_0894 VC_0959VC_0959 VC_0963VC_0963 VC_0972VC_0972 VC_0977VC_0977 VC_0994VC_0994 VC_1015VC_1015 VC_1053VC_1053 VC_1063VC_1063 VC_1068VC_1068 VC_1081VC_1081 VC_1084VC_1084 VC_1086VC_1086 VC_1092VC_1092 VC_1098VC_1098 VC_1170VC_1170 VC_1180VC_1180 VC_1185VC_1185 VC_1193VC_1193 VC_1211VC_1211 VC_1241VC_1241 VC_1245VC_1245 VC_1267VC_1267 VC_1271VC_1271 VC_1294VC_1294 VC_1381VC_1381 VC_1389VC_1389 VC_1390VC_1390 VC_1414VC_1414 VC_1457VC_1457 VC_1629VC_1629 VC_1642VC_1642 VC_1657VC_1657 VC_1660VC_1660 VC_1663VC_1663 VC_1666VC_1666 VC_1675VC_1675 VC_1683VC_1683 VC_1692VC_1692 VC_1697VC_1697 VC_1700VC_1700 VC_1706VC_1706 VC_1707VC_1707 VC_1709VC_1709 VC_1716VC_1716 VC_1725VC_1725 VC_1737VC_1737 VC_1837VC_1837 VC_2009VC_2009 VC_2013VC_2013

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Timacuan Golf and Country Club, Lake Mary Florida Wedding Fri, 18 Nov 2016 07:51:24 GMT
Mary & Allan Wedding Highlights Mary and Allan found the perfect church for their wedding!!  So adorable!  This Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is located in Fruitland, Florida about an hour from Orlando. I was told that this is one of the oldest church in Florida.  Thank you Mary and Allan for honoring me in capturing your special day in such a special place.

Here are a few photos from their special day.


A_0006A_0006 A_0011A_0011 A_0025A_0025 A_0031A_0031 A_0043A_0043 A_0047A_0047 A_0048A_0048 A_0068A_0068 A_0085A_0085 A_0090A_0090 A_0091A_0091 A_0094A_0094 A_0107A_0107 A_0123A_0123 A_0131A_0131 A_0147-2A_0147-2 A_0147A_0147 A_0154A_0154 A_0164A_0164 A_0192A_0192 A_0205A_0205 A_0215A_0215 A_0229A_0229 A_0249A_0249 A_0259A_0259 B_0003B_0003 B_0009B_0009 B_0011B_0011 B_0066B_0066 B_0067B_0067 B_0069B_0069 B_0072B_0072 B_0086B_0086 B_0095B_0095 B_0100B_0100 B_0103B_0103 B_0110B_0110 B_0111B_0111 B_0116B_0116 B_0128B_0128 B_0132B_0132 B_0139B_0139 B_0145B_0145 B_0171B_0171 B_0233B_0233 B_0276B_0276 B_0280B_0280 B_0294B_0294 B_0320B_0320 B_0330B_0330 C_0005C_0005 C_0011C_0011 C_0018C_0018 C_0019C_0019 C_0023C_0023 C_0027C_0027 C_0029C_0029 C_0032C_0032 C_0039C_0039 C_0086C_0086 C_0091C_0091 C_0101C_0101 C_0148C_0148 C_0165C_0165 C_0191C_0191 C_0203C_0203 C_0232C_0232 C_0234C_0234 D_0010D_0010 D_0015D_0015


[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Mary & Allen Church wedding, Fruitland, Fl Wed, 16 Nov 2016 05:56:11 GMT
Brittany & Kurt Engagement at Loews Portofino Bay, Universal Studios Orlando Sneak Peek Wow!! What an amazing engagement session!!  I think this is one of my favorite sessions in a very long time.  

Brittany and Kurt got engaged at a spot where few might notice the beauty.  Tucked away behind the walkway from Loews Portofino Bay Resort to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, there are beautiful gardens with bamboos, foliage and flowering trees.  I have been familiar with all of Universal Studios properties for many years and I have no idea this place existed.  This amazing place is easily missed if you are in a hurry to go get in lines for the amusement parks and not stop to smell the roses.  Well, one couple did stop and they got engaged there.  Brittany and Kurt wanted to revisit the spot where they got engaged and do a photo session with me.  They were a bit nervous and shy at first but I told them that I will make them look great. I am very thankful that I got to be part of their lives. 

Here are few sneak peeks of our afternoon.

BK_0002BK_0002 BK_0004BK_0004 BK_0009BK_0009 BK_0010BK_0010 BK_0011BK_0011 BK_0015BK_0015 BK_0016BK_0016 BK_0022BK_0022 BK_0035BK_0035 BK_0037BK_0037 BK_0041BK_0041 BK_0044BK_0044 BK_0048-2BK_0048-2 BK_0048BK_0048 BK_0052BK_0052 BK_0056-2BK_0056-2 BK_0056BK_0056 BK_0061-2BK_0061-2 BK_0061BK_0061 BK_0072BK_0072 BK_0078BK_0078 BK_0096BK_0096 BK_0109-2BK_0109-2 BK_0109BK_0109 BK_0115BK_0115 BK_0153BK_0153 BK_0221BK_0221 BK_0234BK_0234 BK_0236BK_0236 BK_0239BK_0239 BK_0248BK_0248 BK_0327BK_0327 BK_0390BK_0390 BK_0394BK_0394 BK_0398BK_0398 BK_0437BK_0437 BK_0441BK_0441 BK_0501BK_0501

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Engagement session at Loews Portofino Bay Resort, Orlando Florida Orlando Engagement session Mon, 14 Nov 2016 17:47:45 GMT
Joanndeliz & Eric Rollins College Engagement Sneak Peek Joanndeliz and Eric Are Engaged!!

I met Joanndeliz and Eric while I was setting for a wedding at The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda in Metro West Florida.  It was fate that the three of us met.  It is my honor to have the opportunity to capture this lovely couple at one of my favorite places, Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.  Rollins College is actually the oldest college in Florida.  It is an all in one place with unique architecture, beautiful rose gardens, quite trails along the lake and high cypress with haning Spanish moss.  It makes for the best backdrop for any occasion from engagement photos to family photos.  I like to change locations from time to time but I always find myself back at Rollins.  Joanndeliz and Eric are perfect together for this location.

Joanndeliz, Eric and I had so much fun on our afternoon session that we kept going until the sun went down.  I can't wait for their special day.  

Here are some photos from our Florida photo session.


JE_0004JE_0004 JE_0008JE_0008 JE_0028JE_0028 JE_0030JE_0030 JE_0034JE_0034 JE_0042JE_0042 JE_0049JE_0049 JE_0052JE_0052 JE_0112JE_0112 JE_0129JE_0129 JE_0132JE_0132 JE_0159JE_0159 JE_0168JE_0168 JE_0220JE_0220 JE_0233JE_0233 JE_0243JE_0243 JE_0259JE_0259 JE_0276JE_0276 JE_0282JE_0282 JE_0290JE_0290 JE_0292JE_0292 JE_0295JE_0295 JE_0308JE_0308 JE_0326JE_0326

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Florida engagement session Engagement session by the lake Rollins College Engagement session Sun, 13 Nov 2016 18:33:24 GMT
Kelly & Michael wedding Highlights October 29, 2016 We love Kelly and Michael's amazing rustic wedding at The Enchanting Barn in Osteen, Florida. 

Located about an hour drive from Orlando, Florida, The Enchanting Barn is perfect for your vintage and rustic wedding.  When I first visited this place with Kelly and Mike to capture their engagement photos, I knew that this place will be a hit.  This beautiful barn sits on an open field of grass with a pond and a vintage pickup truck.  I have waited for months to finally capture Kelly and Mike's wedding.  

Congratulations Kelly and Michael!!  Your wedding was so amazing.  Here are a few photos from your special day.

Enjoy everyone!

Special thanks to

The Enchanting Barn for providing an incredible venue

Valarie Speed with All That Glitz Events for the seamless coordinating

Robbie Memorable DJ Entertainment for creating all the excitement

Jennifer Roberts Warrington with Party Shots Orlando for the awesome photo booth


Tony Sassano for helping me with the photos.


KM_0002KM_0002 KM_0029KM_0029 KM_0038KM_0038 KM_0081KM_0081 KM_0086KM_0086 KM_0096KM_0096 KM_0125KM_0125 KM_0139KM_0139 KM_0145KM_0145 KM_0156KM_0156 KM_0168KM_0168 KM_0181KM_0181 KM_0201KM_0201 KM_0210KM_0210 KM_0217KM_0217 KM_0228KM_0228 KM_0243KM_0243 KM_0251KM_0251 KM_0257KM_0257 KM_0262KM_0262 KM_0264KM_0264 KM_0268KM_0268 KM_0271KM_0271 KM_0298KM_0298 KM_0304KM_0304 KM_0306KM_0306 KM_0313KM_0313 KM_0320KM_0320 KM_0341KM_0341 KM_0342KM_0342 KM_0384KM_0384 KM_0397KM_0397 KM_0408KM_0408 KM_0423KM_0423 KM_0447KM_0447 KM_0450KM_0450 KM_0475KM_0475 KM_0481KM_0481 KM_0491KM_0491 KM_0515KM_0515 KM_0535KM_0535 KM_0541KM_0541 KM_0575KM_0575 KM_0580KM_0580 KM_0583KM_0583 KM_0601KM_0601 KM_0617KM_0617 KM_0624KM_0624 KM_0631KM_0631 KM_0652KM_0652 KM_0662KM_0662 KM_0684KM_0684 KM_0696KM_0696 KM_0702KM_0702 KM_0718KM_0718 KM_0737KM_0737 KM_0745KM_0745 KM_0790KM_0790 KM_0820KM_0820 KM_0904KM_0904 KM_0948KM_0948 KM_0951KM_0951 KM_1014KM_1014 KM_1024KM_1024 KM_1170KM_1170 KM_1213KM_1213 KM_1216KM_1216 KM_1231KM_1231 KM_1235KM_1235 KM_1244KM_1244 KM_1258KM_1258 KM_1270KM_1270 KM_1271KM_1271 KM_1290KM_1290 KM_1297KM_1297 KM_1298KM_1298 KM_1301KM_1301 KM_1323KM_1323 KM_1327KM_1327 KM_1340KM_1340 KM_1344KM_1344 KM_1356KM_1356 KM_1360KM_1360 KM_1366KM_1366 KM_1370-2KM_1370-2 KM_1370KM_1370 KM_1382KM_1382 KM_1386-2KM_1386-2 KM_1386-3KM_1386-3 KM_1396KM_1396 KM_1409KM_1409 KM_1411KM_1411 KM_1414KM_1414 KM_1426KM_1426 KM_1429KM_1429 KM_1436KM_1436 KM_1479KM_1479 KM_1480KM_1480 KM_1495KM_1495 KM_1498KM_1498 KM_1537KM_1537 KM_1540KM_1540 KM_1543KM_1543 KM_1548KM_1548 KM_1549KM_1549 KM_1555KM_1555 KM_1559KM_1559 KM_1560KM_1560 KM_1564KM_1564 KM_1565KM_1565 KM_1566KM_1566 KM_1572KM_1572 KM_1588KM_1588 KM_1589KM_1589 KM_1590KM_1590 KM_1660KM_1660 KM_1675KM_1675 KM_1786KM_1786 KM_1787KM_1787 KM_1790KM_1790 KM_1791KM_1791 KM_1792KM_1792 KM_1793KM_1793 KM_1802KM_1802 KM_1808KM_1808 KM_1817KM_1817 KM_1818KM_1818 KM_1827KM_1827 KM_1844KM_1844 KM_1852KM_1852 KM_1872KM_1872 KM_1891KM_1891 KM_1895KM_1895 KM_2004KM_2004 KM_2007KM_2007 KM_2059KM_2059 KM_2140KM_2140 KM_2183KM_2183


[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Kelly and Michael Wedding at The Enchanting Barn, Osteen, Florida Rustic Wedding Vintage Wedding Sun, 13 Nov 2016 09:33:54 GMT
Drena & Norman Engagement Teaser Drena and Norman

Drena and I hit it off right away after our first meeting.  She told me a little bit about Norman (PJ).  She said he hates being photographed.  I told her no worries, leave it to me.  It will be a piece of cake and harmless. All three of us are very busy and have opposite schedules so it took us a few weeks to set a date.  For Drena and PJ, I picked Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, Florida.  One of my go to places for an early morning engagement photo session.  Florida's October weather was perfect with some nice cool breeze.  The park has beautiful, well established trees with hanging Spanish moss.  They provided the perfect shade from the morning golden sun.  PJ didn't know it but he was a natural at being photographed.  We were all having a great time and I couldn't wait to come to edit these photos.  Here are a few photos from our session today.



DN_0005DN_0005 DN_0007DN_0007 DN_0009DN_0009 DN_0013DN_0013 DN_0026DN_0026 DN_0030DN_0030 DN_0034DN_0034 DN_0039DN_0039 DN_0060DN_0060 DN_0063DN_0063 DN_0074DN_0074 DN_0088DN_0088 DN_0121DN_0121 DN_0130DN_0130 DN_0179DN_0179 DN_0185DN_0185 DN_0194DN_0194 DN_0204DN_0204 DN_0222DN_0222 DN_0240DN_0240 DN_0279DN_0279 DN_0283DN_0283 DN_0286DN_0286 DN_0315DN_0315 DN_0339DN_0339 DN_0351DN_0351 DN_0368DN_0368 DN_0370-2DN_0370-2 DN_0370DN_0370 DN_0383DN_0383

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Drena and Norman Engagement at Kraft Azalea Garden, Winter Park, Florida Thu, 27 Oct 2016 18:57:38 GMT
Melissa & Mark Lake Mary Event Center Wedding Congratulations Melissa and Mark!!

Melissa and Mark are the most sweetest couple I had the pleasure of photographing and getting to know.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.  I had a great experience photographing their wedding at Lake Mary Event Center.  This beautiful place is tucked away next to a peaceful lake overlooking the sunset.  It was a pleasure to work with the nicest and friendliest staff.  And as always it is an honor to work with Soundwave Entertainment.  Thanks Wendy for keeping things run smoothly and thank you Les for creating the best excitement!!


Please check out the beautiful sunset wedding at Lake Mary Event Center in Lake Mary, Florida.




MM_0006MM_0006 MM_0003MM_0003 MM_0010MM_0010 MM_0011MM_0011 MM_0013MM_0013 MM_0023MM_0023 MM_0036MM_0036 MM_0055MM_0055 MM_0100MM_0100 MM_0105MM_0105 MM_0109MM_0109 MM_0114MM_0114 MM_0137MM_0137 MM_0145MM_0145 MM_0150MM_0150 MM_0162MM_0162 MM_0167MM_0167 MM_0186MM_0186 MM_0193MM_0193 MM_0202MM_0202 MM_0210MM_0210 MM_0299MM_0299 MM_0312MM_0312 MM_0315MM_0315 MM_0340MM_0340 MM_0400MM_0400 MM_0411MM_0411 MM_0435MM_0435 MM_0483MM_0483 MM_0489MM_0489 MM_0491MM_0491 MM_0495MM_0495 MM_0510MM_0510 MM_0528MM_0528 MM_0532MM_0532 MM_0536MM_0536 MM_0543MM_0543 MM_0555MM_0555 MM_0560MM_0560 MM_0573MM_0573 MM_0586MM_0586 MM_0590MM_0590 MM_0617MM_0617 MM_0676MM_0676 MM_0694MM_0694 MM_0710MM_0710 MM_0722MM_0722 MM_0749MM_0749 MM_0768MM_0768 MM_0797MM_0797 MM_0887MM_0887 MM_0908MM_0908 MM_0913MM_0913 MM_1068MM_1068 MM_1074MM_1074 MM_1078MM_1078 MM_1082MM_1082 MM_1087MM_1087 MM_1091MM_1091 MM_1095MM_1095 MM_1100MM_1100 MM_1101MM_1101 MM_1113MM_1113 MM_1116MM_1116 MM_1132MM_1132 MM_1178MM_1178 MM_1184MM_1184




[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Lake Mary Event Center Wedding Sat, 22 Oct 2016 04:04:52 GMT
Dominique & Jason Engagement Sneak Peek Dominique and Jason were so much fun!!  It's not everyday when one can take a trip to Southern California and spend a day at the vineyards.

Temecula is a beautiful wine country in southern California not too far from San Diego.  I have been to Napa and Sonoma before but had no idea that they can make great wines in southern California.  Thanks to Dominique and Jason, I had an amazing time at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula, Ca.  I can't wait for their wedding on September 8, 2017.

Here are a few photos from our day.

Thank you Dominique and  Jason for you hospitality, great food, wine and brew.  My only regret was not partaking in the sparkling wine during our brunch...but I have to stay focused... 

DJ_0002DJ_0002 DJ_0003DJ_0003 DJ_0004DJ_0004 DJ_0006DJ_0006 DJ_0007DJ_0007 DJ_0011DJ_0011 DJ_0014DJ_0014 DJ_0016DJ_0016 DJ_0018-2DJ_0018-2 DJ_0018DJ_0018 DJ_0023DJ_0023 DJ_0033DJ_0033 DJ_0038DJ_0038 DJ_0042DJ_0042 DJ_0045DJ_0045 DJ_0047DJ_0047 DJ_0051DJ_0051 DJ_0056DJ_0056 DJ_0058DJ_0058 DJ_0063DJ_0063 DJ_0065DJ_0065 DJ_0066DJ_0066 DJ_0070DJ_0070 DJ_0081DJ_0081 DJ_0083-2DJ_0083-2 DJ_0083DJ_0083 DJ_0102DJ_0102 DJ_0110DJ_0110 DJ_0114DJ_0114 DJ_0115DJ_0115 DJ_0118DJ_0118 DJ_0123DJ_0123 DJ_0125DJ_0125 DJ_0126DJ_0126 DJ_0132DJ_0132 DJ_0146-2DJ_0146-2 DJ_0146DJ_0146 DJ_0152DJ_0152 DJ_0153DJ_0153 DJ_0158DJ_0158 DJ_0159DJ_0159 DJ_0160DJ_0160 DJ_0163DJ_0163 DJ_0165DJ_0165 DJ_0167DJ_0167 DJ_0170DJ_0170 DJ_0172DJ_0172 DJ_0179DJ_0179 DJ_0222DJ_0222 DJ_0228DJ_0228 DJ_0251DJ_0251 DJ_0260DJ_0260 DJ_0296-2DJ_0296-2 DJ_0296DJ_0296 DJ_0300DJ_0300 DJ_0312DJ_0312 DJ_0351DJ_0351 DJ_0354DJ_0354 DJ_0356DJ_0356 DJ_0366DJ_0366 DJ_0367DJ_0367 DJ_0372DJ_0372 DJ_0388DJ_0388 DJ_0394DJ_0394 DJ_0395DJ_0395 DJ_0416DJ_0416 DJ_0423DJ_0423 DJ_0429DJ_0429 DJ_0430DJ_0430

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Vineyard engagement photos, Temecula, California Wed, 19 Oct 2016 23:43:44 GMT
Baby Elsa Sneak Peek My first vineyard baby photo session!!  Elsa is such an adorable baby we didn't know if she was crying or smiling when I was trying to capture a few photos of her at Wilson Creek Winery.  It turned out she was crying.  She reminded me of myself.  When i was her age I was terrified of that huge black object pointing at me.

Here are few photos from our brief session.

ES_0021ES_0021 ES_0054ES_0054 ES_0061ES_0061 ES_0063ES_0063 ES_0090ES_0090 ES_0099ES_0099 ES_0115ES_0115

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Vineyard baby photos. Temecula, California Wed, 12 Oct 2016 19:49:53 GMT
Marysia & Xavier Engagement Sneak Peek Marysia and Xavier are Awesome!!  I had so much fun photographing them at Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, Florida.  I wish we had more time to get to know each other.  The weather was perfect and calm.  I think it was the calm before the storm since we were awaiting Hurricane Matthew.  Thank you Marysia and Xavier for coming all the way from Michigan to do this session.  I can't wait to see you again on the Big Day!!


IMG_4766IMG_4766 IMG_4771IMG_4771 IMG_4926IMG_4926 IMG_4939IMG_4939 IMG_4955IMG_4955 IMG_5005IMG_5005 IMG_5040IMG_5040 IMG_5091IMG_5091 IMG_5131IMG_5131 IMG_5155IMG_5155 IMG_5185IMG_5185 IMG_5212IMG_5212 IMG_5240IMG_5240

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Engagement photos at Kraft Azalea Garden, Winter Park, Florida Wed, 12 Oct 2016 18:39:40 GMT
Marianne & Patrick Wedding Highlights It was my pleasure to meet the most sweetest couple about a year ago.  Marianne and Patrick are two amazing people.  During our engagement session, I quickly realized that these you are not just engaged couple but are best friends.  He is her protecter and she is his caretaker.  They are soulmates.  

This was my first Coptic Orthodox wedding.  Marianne and Patrick reminded me of why I love to photograph weddings. It's not just capturing the love between two people but the love of an entire community of a culture I've never experienced before.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience your culture and to capture the beginning of your lives together.



MP_Bride_0155MP_Bride_0155 MP_Bride_0194MP_Bride_0194 MP_Bride_0290MP_Bride_0290 MP_Church_0191MP_Church_0191 MP_Church_0355MP_Church_0355 MP_Church_0418MP_Church_0418 MP_Church_0528MP_Church_0528 MP_Church_0542MP_Church_0542 MP_0042MP_0042 MP_0044MP_0044 MP_0046MP_0046 MP_0052MP_0052 MP_0060MP_0060 MP_0061MP_0061 MP_0067MP_0067 MP_0083MP_0083 MP_0091MP_0091 MP_0111MP_0111 MP_0116MP_0116 MP_Reception_0039MP_Reception_0039 MP_Reception_0070MP_Reception_0070 MP_Reception_0086MP_Reception_0086 MP_Reception_0103MP_Reception_0103 MP_Reception_0120MP_Reception_0120 MP_Reception_0564MP_Reception_0564 MP_Reception_0312MP_Reception_0312 MP_Reception_0307MP_Reception_0307 MP_Reception_0329MP_Reception_0329 MP_Reception_0363MP_Reception_0363 MP_Reception_0380MP_Reception_0380 MP_Reception_0401MP_Reception_0401 MP_Reception_0425MP_Reception_0425   MP_Reception_0621MP_Reception_0621 MP_Reception_0763MP_Reception_0763 MP_Reception_0807MP_Reception_0807 MP_Reception_0728MP_Reception_0728 MP_Reception_1102MP_Reception_1102 MP_Reception_1107MP_Reception_1107 MP_Reception_1141MP_Reception_1141 MP_Reception_1153MP_Reception_1153 MP_Reception_1128MP_Reception_1128 MP_Reception_1135MP_Reception_1135 MP_Reception_1163MP_Reception_1163 MP_Reception_1165MP_Reception_1165 MP_Reception_1177MP_Reception_1177 MP_Reception_1436MP_Reception_1436 MP_Reception_1438MP_Reception_1438 MP_Reception_1716MP_Reception_1716

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Coptic Orthodox Wedding Crystal Ballroon at Veranda Wedding Tue, 11 Oct 2016 20:11:19 GMT
William's Six Months Baby Photos at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park Florida As Always it is a pleasure to photograph and visit with Brina and Michael and now baby William.  I'm using Kraft Azalea Park in the beautiful city of Winter Park, Florida as my studio for the second time.  This is such a popular place for photographing portraits, amazing!!  

I'm not much of a blogger so I'm just going to post some photos from Brina and Michael's journey together with me.


First Comes love...Brina & Michael got engaged on New Years Eve 2014.



Then comes marriage...Brina & Michael tied the knot on April 10, 2015.



Then comes a baby...Brina & Michael found out they are expecting on July 3, 2015.



And introducing baby William and his very own carriage!!

BMW_0507BMW_0507 BMW_0515BMW_0515 BMW_0539BMW_0539 BMW_0542BMW_0542 BMW_0576BMW_0576 BMW_0002BMW_0002 BMW_0045-2BMW_0045-2 BMW_0045BMW_0045 BMW_0050BMW_0050 BMW_0070-2BMW_0070-2 BMW_0070BMW_0070 BMW_0084BMW_0084 BMW_0097BMW_0097 BMW_0229BMW_0229 BMW_0249BMW_0249 BMW_0254-2BMW_0254-2 BMW_0254BMW_0254 BMW_0259BMW_0259 BMW_0295BMW_0295 BMW_0298BMW_0298 BMW_0299BMW_0299 BMW_0300BMW_0300 BMW_0328BMW_0328 BMW_0347BMW_0347 BMW_0348BMW_0348 BMW_0434BMW_0434 BMW_0435BMW_0435 BMW_0437BMW_0437 BMW_0444BMW_0444 BMW_0457BMW_0457 BMW_0460BMW_0460 BMW_0461BMW_0461 BMW_0462BMW_0462 BMW_0487BMW_0487 BMW_0494BMW_0494 BMW_0617BMW_0617 BMW_0661BMW_0661 BMW_0703BMW_0703 BMW_0716BMW_0716 BMW_0736BMW_0736 BMW_0801BMW_0801 BMW_0812BMW_0812 BMW_0817BMW_0817 BMW_0822BMW_0822 BMW_0831BMW_0831 BMW_0921BMW_0921 BMW_0924BMW_0924




[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Baby Photos in Florida Sun, 18 Sep 2016 19:17:09 GMT
Yana & Sean Maternity At Kraft Azalea Park   Maternity photography is not my specialty but when I met Yana at one of my many jobs, I had to ask her to be my model. Yana is a glowing mother to be as you will see from our session.  We all met at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park, Florida late this afternoon..  This is also a new place for me to photograph.  Today we got very lucky with the weather.  We had a nice cool breeze for the middle of August which made our session so pleasant.  

Thank you Yana and Sean!!


Here are a few photos from our shoot.


YS_0006-2YS_0006-2 YS_0006YS_0006 YS_0008YS_0008 YS_0009YS_0009 YS_0010YS_0010 YS_0013YS_0013 YS_0014YS_0014 YS_0017YS_0017 YS_0018YS_0018 YS_0033YS_0033 YS_0034YS_0034 YS_0050YS_0050 YS_0051YS_0051 YS_0055YS_0055 YS_0057YS_0057 YS_0060YS_0060 YS_0066YS_0066 YS_0077YS_0077 YS_0078YS_0078 YS_0079YS_0079 YS_0081-2YS_0081-2 YS_0081YS_0081 YS_0082YS_0082 YS_0094YS_0094 YS_0095YS_0095 YS_0098YS_0098 YS_0100YS_0100 YS_0109YS_0109 YS_0112-2YS_0112-2 YS_0112YS_0112 YS_0114-2YS_0114-2 YS_0114YS_0114 YS_0115YS_0115 YS_0119YS_0119 YS_0124YS_0124 YS_0132YS_0132 YS_0137YS_0137 YS_0141YS_0141 YS_0147YS_0147 YS_0148YS_0148 YS_0153YS_0153 YS_0160YS_0160 YS_0163YS_0163 YS_0164YS_0164 YS_0165YS_0165 YS_0172YS_0172 YS_0177YS_0177 YS_0180YS_0180 YS_0183YS_0183 YS_0186YS_0186 YS_0190YS_0190 YS_0201YS_0201 YS_0205YS_0205 YS_0206YS_0206 YS_0207YS_0207 YS_0216YS_0216 YS_0217YS_0217

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Maternity photos at Kraft Azalea Park Winter Park, Florida Fri, 26 Aug 2016 03:44:03 GMT
Victoria & Chris Engagement Teasers Wow!!  All I can say is that this is a small world.  I first learned about Victoria (Tori) and Chris needing a photographer for their wedding just a couple of weeks ago on a Facebook post.  They posted about losing their first photographer and were looking for a new one.  A few of my friends had mentioned me to them.  It turned out that we are friends with a lot of the same people and I work with Tori's two best friends who are going to be her bridesmaids.  We all hit it off right away after we met.  

During our initial meeting I offered to do an engagement session for them and mentioned that I've always wanted to do a session at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.  To my surprise, they LOVE the real New Orleans, Louisiana.  So we decided to meet there.  Of course as predicted with Florida's weather, it rained all afternoon.  We didn't let a little rain stop us though.

Here are a few photos from our session.


VC_0012VC_0012 VC_0023VC_0023 VC_0119VC_0119 VC_0120VC_0120 VC_0138VC_0138 VC_0143VC_0143 VC_0149VC_0149 VC_0151VC_0151 VC_0156VC_0156 VC_0157VC_0157 VC_0204VC_0204 VC_0222VC_0222 VC_0231VC_0231 VC_0243VC_0243 VC_0246VC_0246 VC_0259VC_0259 VC_0267VC_0267 VC_0288VC_0288 VC_0289VC_0289 VC_0291VC_0291 VC_0298VC_0298 VC_0302VC_0302 VC_0305VC_0305 VC_0313VC_0313 VC_0318VC_0318 VC_0327VC_0327 VC_0332-2VC_0332-2 VC_0332VC_0332 VC_0343VC_0343 VC_0345VC_0345 VC_0363VC_0363 VC_0375VC_0375 VC_0406VC_0406 VC_0413VC_0413 VC_0454VC_0454 VC_0479VC_0479 VC_0497VC_0497 VC_0499VC_0499 VC_0508VC_0508 VC_0531VC_0531 VC_0539VC_0539 VC_0548VC_0548 VC_0551VC_0551 VC_0556VC_0556 VC_0557VC_0557 VC_0574VC_0574 VC_0582VC_0582 VC_0592VC_0592 VC_0597VC_0597 VC_0598VC_0598 VC_0608VC_0608 VC_0616VC_0616 VC_0633VC_0633 VC_0650VC_0650 VC_0659VC_0659 VC_0665VC_0665 VC_0667VC_0667 VC_0669VC_0669 VC_0672VC_0672 VC_0684VC_0684 VC_0689VC_0689 VC_0705VC_0705 VC_0721VC_0721 VC_0727VC_0727 VC_0733VC_0733 VC_0756VC_0756

[email protected] (Anna So Photography) Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Engagement photos Fri, 05 Aug 2016 04:37:44 GMT
Cynthia & David Wedding Highlights   Once in a while it is nice to break away from fancy county club and resort weddings.  There is no place better than having a small wedding in a beautiful backyard overlooking the lake at sunset.  Cynthia and David are bringing back the basics of a wedding, celebrating their union with family and friends at a familiar place.  After spending time at The Pherai's resident in Belle Isle, Florida, I can tell that this place was a place where the family spend a lot of time together.  It was a place for celebration, history, family and friends.  

Here are a few photos from the wedding.  As you might see, Florida weather is against me again.  Never enough time to capture what I want to capture.


CD_0003-EditCD_0003-Edit CD_0020CD_0020 CD_0028CD_0028 CD_0031CD_0031 CD_0035CD_0035 CD_0057CD_0057 CD_0063CD_0063 CD_0068CD_0068 CD_0075CD_0075 CD_0079CD_0079 CD_0098CD_0098 CD_0107CD_0107 CD_0116CD_0116 CD_0129-EditCD_0129-Edit CD_0140CD_0140 CD_0167CD_0167 CD_0174CD_0174 CD_0176CD_0176 CD_0202CD_0202 CD_0205CD_0205 CD_0214CD_0214 CD_0217CD_0217 CD_0218CD_0218 CD_0224CD_0224 CD_0235CD_0235 CD_0258CD_0258 CD_0263CD_0263 CD_0285CD_0285 CD_0301CD_0301 CD_0349CD_0349 CD_0361CD_0361 CD_0413CD_0413 CD_0415CD_0415 CD_0419CD_0419 CD_0424CD_0424 CD_0428CD_0428 CD_0437CD_0437 CD_0443CD_0443 CD_0447CD_0447 CD_0454CD_0454 CD_0457CD_0457 CD_0460CD_0460