***Your Gallery will expire 90 days from the date your invitation was sent to you.  There will be a repost fee of $50 if you wish for us to repost your gallery after the expiration of your gallery.  Once your gallery is reposted, it will expire in 30 days.
Please contact Anna [email protected] if you wish for us to repost your gallery



Mobile Device Download 

1. Log into you gallery

2. Click on thumbnail to enlarge

3. Click on download Icon

4. Follow your device instruction on how to save images

To Download All Photos
Downloading ALL images can only be downloaded on your COMPUTER

1. Log into your gallery.  

2. Click on a folder to open.  

3. Click on Select Photos button next to the Buy button.

4. Select "All" on upper left corner of your gallery

5. After selecting "All" then select "download" on upper right corner of your gallery.

6. Follow instructions on pop up box.

​​​​​​​7. Wait for your zip files to be prepared for you. The system will email you once they re ready

You will get multiple Zip Files according to the size of your gallery. 

Try not to download all the zip files at the same time.

It might freeze up the downloading process.  

When all the zip files are downloaded,

you may find the images are out of order, move or

copy all the images into one folder, they will be in numeric order again.

Please save your photos on a separate hard drive or USB drive.

**Once you request for the Zip Files to be prepared during the downloading process, you will have 6 days to open the files to be downloaded.  The Zip Files will expire after 6 days.  Once they expire, you will have to start the process all over again.

For Single Download

Follow steps 1 to 2 above 

 click on a thumbnail to enlarge, click on download icon on top of image.